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Everyday the mortgage market becomes more complicated and less consumer friendly. But relying on Lamb Financial’s team of mortgage professionals and our state of the art technology gives the borrower and Real Estate professionals distinct advantages. Sophisticated loan analysis programs guide us to the best program to fit your needs. Computerized processing allows the loan to close quicker and with fewer problems while allowing us to keep track of your application on a daily basis.

Lamb Financial is dedicated to give you the best selection affordability and service for your residential mortgage needs of today and tomorrow. Since real estate tends to represent the single largest investment most of us ever make, it is vital to secure the best financing available. Every borrower has different needs, every property is unique, and every lender has its own rules and programs.

The difficulty for most people in shopping for their own loan is that they don’t know all the right questions to ask. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that most lenders have only two or three programs to offer so their job is to sell you what they have, rather than find the program that fulfills your needs.

Lamb Financial, on the other hand, can tailor the package to fit your needs based upon many factors, such as your current income, your expectation of future earnings, and how long you plan to own the property. Since we broker through over thirty of the nations largest lenders, we have access to virtually every sort of program.

We will explain all your options and assist you in making a fully informed choice. Since our fee is based on the loan amount, not on the loan program, we are motivated to provide you with a loan that best meets your needs.

Whatever the situation, we can almost always find a loan that is tailor made. And with this flexibility comes savings in time and money. Because we shop the mortgage market continuously you are assured of very competitive rates and closing costs. And you save time by only making one loan application at a place and time that is convenient for you. Our professionally trained mortgage consultants will give you the information you need to make informed decisions and help to get the loan funded – quickly and easily.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you in your home buying or refinancing process.

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